Volumetric Concrete Supply

Since 2016 we have operated volumetric concrete mixer for supply of concrete to sites.

By using volumetric mixers the customer benefits with no part load charges, no wastage, no under or over booking, up to 12 cubes delivered in one load and a range of design and designated mixes made to order.

With our volumetric vehicles you will only pay for what you use. NO wasted material. We will tailor each mix to your specific requirements, and also means we can adapt the mix to changing site conditions. It is the most convenient method of concrete delivery, and Drumclog Plant ensure an efficient service every time.

We can also provide you with screed to ensure your project is finished to the highest possible standards.

Tracked Volumetric Mixer

We have designed and built the first tracked volumetric mixer for use in areas where concrete is required but access is non existent or very poor, the advantage of this machine is that concrete can be batched at point of use with out the need to upgrade/install new access, reducing cost and impact in the surrounding environment.

This machine is available for hire throughout the uk and Ireland, call today for a quotation per m3 depending on your site volumes and durations.

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